How and When did I start cooking?

I started cooking because of my MOM.

As a small girl I always used to help her in cooking. There was a window overlooking the kitchen in my earlier home where I spent my childhood. I remember standing there on a small stool and watching over my mom. Now I just didnot watch her but I also asked many questions relating to cooking. Guess those were my baby steps in cooking!!!!

During my childhood, my mom used to make us do some household work like helping her with the mixer grinder, cutting onions and some veggies, etc. I had started going to high school then i.e. in 5th Standard. But I distinctly remember my first time of facing the gas stove. It was because of my younger sister.

When I was in my primary school i.e, 4th Standard, mom had taken a part time job at a nearby school as a Montessori teacher. One  fine morning my mom was late for the school so she  hurriedly left for the school. My younger sister was in Kindergarden at that time and it was my responsibility to get her ready for her school. My mother would return back at home before my younger sister left for school.

But on that morning mom didnt prepare breakfast and my sister was hungry. So I mustered the courage of facing the gas stove and hot pan. I didnt know how to cook but I had seen my mother cooking egg omlette. So there I was cracking an egg and putting oil on pan….. hahaha … No wonders egg is favourite ingredient



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