Small steps leads to big one…

After I joined my college, the timings being 1pm to 6pm, I got more interested in cooking. By the time I reached home from college I used to get Super HUNGRY. I was never into canteen food or outside food, so only option was to reach home early.

Ofcourse the timings of me reaching home where completely awkward. Waiting till dinner was out of question. Also, I don’t particularly like to eat tea and biscuits and all junk food in the evening. When I am hungry I just want proper food. So… what to do??

One quick, simple, easy to make recipe. One of my friend in school times used to bring it in her tiffin box. I just moderated it. I still make it sometimes. Its just prepared with some in-house ingredients and it tastes yummmm….

I will give a step by step narration in next post. Right now got to go and make dinner. Till then see yaa…


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