P stands for Perfect Pudina Chutney

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Yummy Pudina Chutney

Ever wondered while having street sandwich how the spicy tangy tasty green pudina (mint) chutney is prepared?

I did. I even asked the sandwich vendor how its prepared. Ofcourse he did not tell me. So with some observation, brains and creativity I found out that perfect recipe. Now you all will ask brains and creativity is understood but what observation?? Here are they:

1. The typical pudina chutney is runny and not thick like the one the vendor uses.

2. All of us while preparing a sandwich will agree that we cut the four corners of the bread and then proceed with our sandwich preparation. Same procedure is followed by the roadside sandwich vendor. But what we don’t notice is that we throw away the corners and he doesnot.

So this observation has led me to the perfect chutney with minimum ingredients.


1 cup of pudina (mint) leaves

1/4 cup of coriander

4 corners of 3 bread slices

2 dark green chillies (Read the link to know why I have suggested dark chilly)

1 teaspoon of sugar

1/2 lime juice

one pinch of salt

Now just grind it all together.

You can adjust the spicy, tangy, sweet content as per your liking.

This pudina chutney can be used in sandwiches as pudina spread or as a chutney with veg pattice, cutlets, aloo parathas or bhajias.  I just love to take my bread slice, apply some butter and then the pudina spread/chutney. It tastes yummmm…

Let me know your preference and comments.


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