Monsoon and Mumbai’s love for Sweet corn

Its Monsoon in Mumbai and no monsoon is complete without Sweet Corn.

If you ever come to Mumbai in monsoon, u will see couples, friends, children returning from school and their mothers eating bhutta. Bhutta is nothing but a sweet corn which is roasted on hot coal and red chilli powder mixed  with salt is rubbed on the sweet corn with a slice of lime.

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It is really a common sight to see people waiting patiently on road while the hawker prepares their bhutta.  And why wouldn’t they? It is a perfect snack packed with all the flavours … sweet, hot, tangy and spicy.

Over the years, the number of hawkers and the sweet corn consumption has only increased.  For movie goers, popcorn is probably the best and oldest, never to go out of fashion, munching thing. The only thing that is new is that now a days we have different flavours of popcorn like caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, tomato popcorn and ofcourse normal popcorn.

But from some three to four years, there is a new addition. A new choice is offered and that new choice is steamed  hot, tangy and spicy sweet corn kernels. Sweet corn kernels are steamed and served in a small paper cup but only after they are mixed with butter, salt, chat masala and chilli powder. This type of sweet corn is also very famous and I myself make it at home every monsoon.

The other day my father brought home sweet corn from market. It was done in three different ways. Some were boiled in salted water. Now, I have learnt this from my mom. She cuts them in half and puts some water in a vessel along with some salt and cooks it in pressure cooker which she uses for cooking rice. So in this way in the pressure cooker, rice and sweet corn both are cooked at the same time. She never boils them separately.

In the evening, I steamed some loose sweet corn kernels and added some butter, chat masala, salt and chilli powder and seriously it tastes yummmm….

And I kept some sweet corn kernels in freezer for a recipe which I wanted to prepare from a long time. Everytime sweet corn comes in my home, my mom always boils it. I always do the steamed version. But this time I wanted to do it differently.

I made Sweet corn cum Veg patties which I served with the Pudina Chutney and Sev. And trust me it was an instant hit at my place. I will post some pictures alongwith the recipe in the next post as this has become a very long post.

Recently I also used Sweetcorn kernels to prepare an amazing Mushroom & Sweetcorn dish. Do check out!!

For now See ya soon….


6 thoughts on “Monsoon and Mumbai’s love for Sweet corn

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  2. I’m drooling! For sure, the next time my partner and I are out Gerrard St. East, where so many good Indian restaurants and shops are located, we will stop at one of the many streetfront stands, and buy hot grilled sweet corn.

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