Shraavana, Vegeterian food, Alu Vadi and more….

First of all I want to apologize for being lazy. Yes, I am lazy. I wanted to write a new post but I kept delaying it because of my procrastination habit. So I am extremely sorry.

Coming back to the post. Did you have problem reading the name of this new post?? Are you thinking what does Shhrrravan mean? What has it got to do with Vegetarian Food?? And what on earth is Alu Vadi? Well don’t worry and don’t stress because in this post I am going to try to answer all your questions.

What is Shraavana?

Shraavana is the name of the fifth month as per the Hindu Calendar.  This month is considered as a holy month by Hindus. There are many festivals celebrated in Shraavana. Many people observe different fasts in this holy month. For more information visit – Shraavana.

What has it got to do with Vegetarian Food?

Shraavana starts in mid July and ends in mid August. Most Hindus observe strict vegetarian diet in Sharaavana. July and August months are Monsoon months in India. Also, in these months, the market/grocery stores are filled with variety of vegetables.

And what on earth is Alu Vadi?

Alu is nothing but Colocasia leaves. Commonly known as Elephant-ear and Taro leaves. The Marathi name for Taro leaves is Alu. In Shraavana, fresh Taro leaves are available in large quantities in the market.  They are specifically of two types:

First type of leaves is greenish in colour which are used for preparing gravy called as ‘alu chi bhaji’ in Marathi

Second type of leaves is dark green and their stems tend to be dark green to blackish in colour.

These types of leaves are used to prepare ‘Alu Vadi’. In terms of English translation we can call them ‘Taro Leaves Roll’.

Alu vadi is a very famous snack in Maharashtra, India. It’s prepared across Indian states with different styles and has different names.

In my next post I will give you a step by step narration on how to prepare Alu Vadi in traditionally Maharashtrian style. Believe me its tasty, delicious and mouth watering……till then see yaa…

Alu vadi, taro leaves rolls, taro leaves

Alu Vadi or Taro Leaves Rolls


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