Sauted Mushroom & Sweetcorn in Schewan and Soy Sauce

Sauted Mushroom, Sweetcorn, Szchewan sauce, Soy Sauce,

Sauted Mushroom and Sweetcorn in Szchewan & Soy Sauce

This is a quick post. Ever since I ate this dish I was meaning to write a post.

This dish can be served as ‘first course’ i.e. as “entree”. It is really amazing when only four ingredients can combine together and make a wonderful, delicious and tasty dish.

It is Sweet, Spicy, Salty and Soft as well as Crunchy. Aaawww… I am salivating….  it is so simple and easy to make that I am planning to make it again in this week, which will make twice in a week. 😀

Mushroom has the soft delicious texture while Sweetcorn kernels provide the crunch & sugariness. Schezwan sauce provides the dish hotness and soy sauce provides the salts and added flavour. All these ingredients create such an appetizing dish with all the flavours and textures.

Actually, this was a surprise dish prepared from the ingredients meant to be used in some other dishes. Those other dishes were Garlic Bread and Pizza.

Sweet corn and mushroom are two favourite vegetarian topping on a Pizza and since Ganapati Festival is going on, we prepared a veg Pizza. We have all eaten sauted mushroom atleast once in our life and if you like mushrooms, then it is really hard to resist sauting them again…. 😛 .

This actually happened and my sister requested to sauté the mushrooms. And did I tell you, this week has all been about revisiting different cuisines. I have prepared Chinese, Italian and Indian Dishes this week and I am actually proud of myself because of the review I am getting from my family. I think I will put some photos in the next post of the dishes I prepared in the past week.

Coming back to the post, I request all the mushroom lovers to try this recipe. Heat the pan, put a little amount of oil and sauté chopped button mushrooms and sweetcorn kernels for about three – four minutes. Then add Schezwan Sauce which will provide the dish with a little spicy zang. Finish the dish with few drops of soy sauce. Soy sauce will act as a seasoning agent.  TaDa…. its READY!!!!!

Here’s another pic…. Enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “Sauted Mushroom & Sweetcorn in Schewan and Soy Sauce

  1. I thought I knew what I’d have for lunch… until I read this post! That was half an hour ago; now I can report that this is indeed delicious. I had mushrooms and corn kernels to hand (plus rice for reheating), but to my surprise had to substitute the condiments: hoisin sauce and sambal olek. A cultural/culinary mash-up, I fear, but I enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Wow… thank you so much. Its actually my pleasure. Yes the main ingredients can be used with different sauces and it will still taste delicious. Today I prepared button mushrooms with onions, tomato and some spices and it was really great…. Thanks for trying and doing it in your way. Someday i will surely try your version. 🙂

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