Pulses – Lost and Forgotten??

Pulses, Green gram, Moong dal, Moong bhaji, Moong sabzi, Mung bean

Moong Sabzi, Moongachi bhaji

Hi Everyone!!! I am welcoming myself back to my Blog after such a long time.

So what was I doing all this time? Away from my own Blog? It’s not that I didnt want to post.It’s not that I didnt have the topics to blog. It’s not that I was busy like 24*7.

Reason in simple English?

PLAIN LAZINESS. Short and Sweet.

So what did I do in the meantime when I didn’t post my recipes. Here is the list:

I made cakes, pastas in white and red sauce, garlic bread, paneer tikkas, tried different fish and chicken recipes, etc …etc…..phew!!

And I will surely post recipes for all my above experiments. But today I am gonna write about pulses.

When it comes to daily food, breakfast, lunch and dinner that we all concentrate mostly on chicken, red meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, grains that we completely forget that there is something called as “Pulses”. They are also called as “legume”.

They are full of nutrients especially proteins. The meat and fish eating people do not need to search for proteins extensively, but for vegetarians, on the other hand, the task is ofcourse not that easy. In India, we consume a lot of pulses and in my home almost every day we eat atleast one type of pulse. To name a few, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, white and green chickpea, moth bean, green gram, black gram, etc. Pulses are not only rich in proteins but every single variety of pulses contain different type of vitamins & minerals. They taste different from one another. You would be surprised , if you read the links I provided, how good they are for our health and hence should not be ignored in your diet.

You must have heard that pulses like green gram or sprouts are advised to be eaten raw. Now many people have this phobia of the word “HEALTHY” food. They presume that it is going to be weird, tasteless, etc, etc. But the truth is I too don’t like the raw sprouts. Firstly cause I have grown eating up cooked pulses and secondly ofcourse they do not taste good. Hahhaa….

Dont worry, every problem has solution and I am going to provide a simple, fast, easy recipe of Green gram. It is also called as Mung bean or simply Moong in Marathi, my mother tongue. For people who don’t know, they look like this.

A close up picture of green gram, (mung bean, ...

A close up picture of green gram, (mung bean, Vigna radiata) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before preparing Moong, they should be soaked in warm or room temperature water for approximately five to six hours. Drain the water and keep them in a tight lid vessel or box for another six hours or so. This is for generating sprouts which are very nutritious. Many people do not necessarily wait for the sprouts. But I would suggest you to follow up the second step to get the best flavour. Also, when a pulse sprouts it gives a little sweet essence.

Dont let the twelve hour waiting period dampen your spirits. One can use a strategy like my mom. She soaks them in the morning and by afternoon she drains them & keeps in a tight lid container near the cooking stove. The warm temperature acts as a stimulant in germinating. They are ready for dinner. Another way is soaking them after lunch or in evening and drain in night. Keep them overnight for germinating and voila… you can use them in morning.

In the next post I will write my recipe which will turn healthy sprouts into taste and nutritious dish. Till then keep reading and posting comments. And ofcouse stay healthy. See Ya!!!


4 thoughts on “Pulses – Lost and Forgotten??

  1. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I quite
    enjoyed reading it, you will be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will come back
    at some point. I want to encourage continue
    your great job, have a nice day!

  2. Good to have you back! And it doesn’t sound like you’ve been lazy at all, you’ve just been doing other things instead of blogging. .Pulses are great, I look forward to more recipes using them

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