Chilli Mania Part 1: Green Chilli and its uses in Indian Cuisines.

Green chilli paste, green chillies, chili

Chilli Mania

Traditionally, we Indians use lot of spices in our food. That is something we are known for… but what majority of people don’t know is that we use a lot of fresh ingredients in our food too. Very seldom you will find canned food or processed food in our homes. We eat a lot of fresh spices like ginger, garlic and green chillies in our paranthas, curries, dals, biryanis … in pretty much everything.

I am going write on Green Chillies. Green chillies are abundantly available in India. There are different varieties available but normally two types of Green chillies are accessible in India. To simply put without confusing you guys…the two types are dark green and light green chillies. The dark green ones are hotter than their lighter counterparts. I always use dark green chillies in all my recipes.

So today when I woke up to make breakfast in the morning, I saw 250 grams of dark green chillies sitting comfortably in my fridge. My first reaction was like….why so many chillies??? Yes… 250 grams means lot of chillies. They would last for more than two weeks and after the first week they would start to loose their moisture and start wrinkling even when refrigerated. Yes of course I could freeze them but I thought of experimenting.

I made two chutneys, which could be eaten directly or used in other dishes, and one ready to use gravy paste which can be added to curries or used in making biryanis. And even after making these, I am still left with some 50 odd chillies in my fridge. It took me all the afternoon but in reality the end result of these experiments was all good. Hence I am going to share all the three experiments in a series called as ‘Chilli Mania’.

Just going to post a picture to what lies ahead!!!! Keep loving food and keep experimenting!!!

Green chilli paste, green chillies, chili

Chilli Mania


3 thoughts on “Chilli Mania Part 1: Green Chilli and its uses in Indian Cuisines.

  1. Awesome post! And yes… I love chillies. Usually, when I cook, I use a lot so nobody else can bear the spice but me (Indian family of four and yet I’m chided for eating more spice when compared to them..hahah). I think it’s the work of my sub conscious glutton 😉 :p

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