Chilli Mania Part 3: Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa

Mirchi Shenganyacha Techa

Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa

This is the third post of the Chilli Mania Series and as the recipe is very, very simple and uncomplicated, I intend to keep the post also short and sweet. Shengadanyacha Techa, is a traditional Marathi recipe originating from Maharashtra. It is served with Jowar Bhakari (a kind of Indian Bread). Now before you start wondering what “Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa” means….

  • Mirchi – Green Chilly
  • Shengadanyacha – Groundnut/Peanuts
  • Techa – Chutney

Simply put it is coarsely grounded chutney of Green chillies and Peanuts in a pestle and mortar. Ofcourse some people add garlic and other ingredients. But since I was in the mood of experimenting, I finely grounded it in a mixy.

This chutney can be stored in refrigerator for over one month. I used it for garnishing some vegetable side dishes and also used it in preparing some gravy dishes like Veg Kurma, Peas- Cauliflower Sabji. It can also be served simply with Rice and dal. It elevates the whole flavor of the dish you are making. You can get more creative and write back to me on how you used it.

This is a oil free recipe. As promised the recipe is too easy to not try.


1 and ½ cups of groundnuts/peanuts

1 and ½ tsp salt

15 dark green chillies – coarsely chopped

How it is done:

Roast the groundnuts on a pan for 5 minutes on a medium flame. Keep stirring continuously.

Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa


Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa

Roasted Peanuts

The colour of peanuts will change and the roasting will fill your kitchen with aromas of nuts. I didn’t peel the peanuts. Let it cool down completely and then add salt, chilies and grind it.

Mirchi Shenganyacha Techa

Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa


Basic Instructions:

Please use dry, moisture free glass containers. This is ideal for preserving the chutney. I washed and dried the bottles with the help of a unused kitchen towel and kept them open to dry the remaining water. Then I sterilized them in microwave oven. If you have a dishwasher at home then nothing like it.

Mirchi Shenganyacha Techa

Mirchi Shengadanyacha Techa


Enjoy the pics and keep experimenting.


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